Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Large Scale Painting - Evil Tree Spirits

A few years back I produced some artwork called Evil Tree Spirits, a pencil and gel ink pen drawing, that I then scanned into the computer and coloured digitally.

For a while I have wanted to reproduce this large scale and finally got round to it over the bank holiday weekend. I thought it would make an excellent gift to the guys staying at Borras Community Protection Camp to help brighten the place up and feel a bit more homely for them and to thank them for what they are doing to help keep a Frack Free Wrexham.

I took some photo's of the progression of the painting as I thought it would be interesting to see. Below are these pictures from start to finish and finally, hanging in it's new home. I was quite pleased with the outcome and have already invested in some more canvasses for my next painting. You will have to wait and see what that will be.

Friday, 15 May 2015

DIY Bird Table Project

I've been doing alot of work in the garden lately to give it a re-vamp and decided to bring an old bird table back to life. 

This involved taking pretty much the whole thing apart, chiselling off an old plywood base, giving it a lick of paint and nailing it to a new freshly painted luscious lime coloured fence post in my little corner of relaxation down at the bottom of the garden. ("....amongst the birds and the bees, lived alot of tiny people called the Poddington Peas" *sorry couldn't resist that* haha).

It was really cheap to do, cost just under a fiver for some paint pot testers - I opted for Purple Pout and Morroccan Orange. The hardest part was unscrewing the rusty old fused nails when taking the original thing apart.

Quite pleased with how it has turned out and already have an idea for my next project in the garden which will involve turning the outhouse into a she-shed... But not until I've given it a lick of paint, you'll have to wait and see how that one turns out, but for now I'll leave you with some photo's from the birdhouse project.