Friday, 14 July 2017

New Affiliate Publisher Blog Now Launched - Blog A Bargain

I haven't posted on here for a long time due to work and life getting in the way, but I do hope to come back here and blog the odd creative project in future.

For now, most of my spare time I am focusing on the launch of my new website called Blog A Bargain.


After working the past couple of years, learning about affiliates from an advertiser perspective, I decided to set up my own blog in my spare time to gain some experience and learn more from the Publisher side. 

The idea of the blog is to mostly share lots of money saving lifestyle tips, along with affiliate related blog posts of any worthwhile bargains, sales, voucher codes and freebies.

I hope you check out the new blog. It's early days yet and is only just approaching a month old, so most my time so far has been spent building it and doing the stuff behind the scenes, but over time I will build it up so you can hopefully find lots of bargains!

You can check out the new money saving bargain blog here. Or see a sneak peek of what kind of bargains I have posted about below.