Monday, 30 January 2012

R.I.P Annie The Astra

After nearly a month, of my 'Annie the Astra' being in the garage (Yes I am one of those sad people who name their cars), I finally resolved the situation at the weekend. Not what you need at the start of the year, but the resolution has been good all round. 

Basically, after the engine misfire incident on the way to work back at the start of January, the burnt valve was fixed, but only to create a new problem. After the garage completed the job and rebuilt the engine, there was a load of white smoke coming out and when I say alot, I mean alot! 

This was caused by pure bad luck as a tiny piece of the burnt valve had dropped into the engine cylinder and damaged one of the piston rings. It was undriveable and the only solution was a new engine! 

Great! I'd only had the car 3 months and spent half of last year saving for it and the work carried out already was quoted at the start of costing round about £500! So, after alot of to and throwing, we've reached an amicable decision with the garage of my bill being wiped and they keep the car! 

So long, Annie the Astra, you have been a lovely car to drive but a royal pain in the butt! Farewell!

R.I.P Annie the Astra.

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