Monday, 6 February 2012

Sandstone Brewery Pump Clip Designs

Beer Pump Clip designs for an established Welsh Brewery:
Sandstone Brewery has helped to restore a traditional craft to the town of Wrexham. Commissioned in late 2008, the 4-barrel plant is situated in a former explosives manufacturing unit on Wrexham Industrial Estate, but so far the only explosions have been the occasional popping of a keystone.
When deciding what to call their brewery they where mindful to include their fellow ale lovers in England and Wales.  Sandstone Brewery is located only a few miles from the border of England, which made them focus on how to bridge this boundary.  Because of their geography they naturally focussed on the Holt Bridge, which spans the River Dee. With Holt Village on one side and Farndon Village on the other they noticed the abundance of weathered sandstone and hence the name was born.

Sandstone Brewery took the village theme further when deliberating the ale range. They wanted to elaborate on the characters of a village, people we all know and avoid: the dodgy doctor, always gloved-up and ready for action; the lush behind the bar ready to lend a helping hand and the postman, too busy playing Postman’s-Knock to deliver the mail.

When I was approached by  Sandstone Brewery back in May 2009 to come up with a complete redesign of their previous designers pumpclips, I was very keen to stick to their 'village characters' theme but I wanted to achieve a consistency to the look and feel of them but at the same time keep them eye catching for the drinkers at the bar. After a few experimentive pieces I came up with the following look and feel to the designs, mixing together illustrative drawings with photoshopped backgrounds:

Various Pump Clip Designs I've Produced For Sandstone Brewery

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