Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sandstone Brewery: Pump Clip Re-brand

You may remember my blog post on the various Sandstone Brewery Pump Clip Designs that I have created over the past couple of years involving a theme of village characters to portray their 'Ales of Character.' As part of Sandstone Brewery's commitment to continuous improvement, they made a decision that they would like me to come up with a complete re-brand and design of their pump clip's ready for 2012.

With their launch of a new winter seasonal beer, named 'Obsidian' came the new pump clip design. Moving on from the 'Ales of Character' theme,  Sandstone Brewery decided that they would like to start having their pump clips professionally printed and wanted a more modern and 'less handmade' style of pump clip design.  

So, with a far cry from the previous pump clips came the re-branded theme of 'Rock Solid Ales', providing a more sleek and minimalistic look. The idea behind my design was to attract customer's attention but at the same time not let the design overshadow the beer. Here is the result:

In case you're curious to know what kind of beer it is, the new design gives a brief description up the side of the pump clip. To go into a bit more detail, Obsidian is a 5% dark ale with hints of chocolate and raisins. Within one week of being on sale, the first batch had sold out! It proved a great success in the Royal Oak, a Wrexham town centre pub, after selling out in one day, the first beer to ever do so!

For more information on Sandstone Brewery, you can visit their website here:-

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