Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tutorial: Sparkly Pink Glitter Frame

I'm currently working on a Fairy Portrait for a friend and decided to make a pink sparkly glitter frame for the final piece. They seem to be quite hard to come by in the shops, so that is why I decided to buy a cheap frame and some glitter and make one myself.

I thought it would be pretty easy as I already had a load of PVA Glue left over, but I soon learnt that the stuff doesn't stick the glitter properly. What you need is some strong spray glue! 
Here's a quick image tutorial (including trial and error) of how to make a pink glitter frame:

You will need:
1. A picture frame (I got a cheap silver one from Wilkinson's for a couple of quid).
2. Industrial strength spray glue (You can pick this up in Hobby Craft for about a fiver).
3. Pink Glitter (I got a bottle for a couple of quid in Dunelm Mill).
4. Hairspray (70p in Home Bargains).

How to make a Glitter Frame:

So, I'm all set. I got my PVA glue, cheap picture frame and pink glitter.
I coat the frame in PVA Glue.
After sprinkling the glitter on, I find it's not sticking properly
Ahhh! Spray Glue. Will this work for an even glittery finish?
Now, that's more like it!
I rest the frame against a couple of paint bottles to spray the sides.
I give it a quick coat of hairspray to harden the glitter.
Finally, the Glitter Frame is complete.

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