Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tutorial: Valentines Card

For mine and James' 9th Valentines Day together, I decided to make a card this year (just like I did for our 1st) and he loved it. I popped to Hobby Craft for some bits and I had a vague idea of what I wanted it to look like, so it was a case of hunting around the many pretty things in there to pick out some bits. I knew I wanted to use a black and red colour scheme and Hobby Craft had some fantastic art materials. My best buy was the red mosaic sticky mirrors that I decided to use for a border. Plus I still got loads left! (I see another use for them for a crafting project in the near future). Here's what you need, along with some images to give you an idea of how to lovingly make a special Valentines card for your sweetheart:

You Will Need:
1. Black card (I picked some up, already folded with an envelope for 99p)
2. Set of Paper crafted hearts (The pack of four I got cost £2.29p)
3. Red mosaic self adhesive mirrors (I paid £1.99p and still got loads left!)

All these bits can be bought in any Hobby Craft store
The paper crafted hearts handily come with sticky tab backing
Arranging the paper crafted hearts, I stuck in place to the card.
I used the self adhesivere mosaic mirror tiles for a border
Here's the final result. A lovingly made Valentines card.