Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Email Marketing With Dotmailer

Over the past few months in my day job, I have been given the added task of Email Marketing, something that was a completely new challenge to me. Although I possess skills in Graphics Design, I found it a little daunting as the idea of building an email from scratch was alien to me, plus the fact I work for a very small company where I knew I'd have to take the initiative to teach myself.

Luckily for me, my work uses an Email Platform called Dotmailer, which I must admit was alot easier to use than I thought it would be! There was no coding involved just a nice and simple drag and drop format. 

Just to demonstrate, I found this promotional video on YouTube that pretty much sums it up:

Prices vary from £295 for a Standard Package to £995 for the Enterprise Package, so I suppose to big businesses that is quite a reasonable price. One handy thing is they do run a Freemium account which allows you to send out a marketed email or newsletter to 500 email addresses for free, ideal for small business start ups!

Well now I've spent a bit of time writing about what Dotmailer actually is, I'll get to the part where I get to show off the couple of emails I've designed. Here's a screen shot of my first email I designed fro some leap year special offers:

And here's an updated list of links to my other Email design's for

What do you think?

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