Sunday, 18 March 2012

Good Weekend

Nothing new to report as I've been very busy the past week trying to get my bathroom sorted ready for guests. It was the one week bathroom challenge, which I failed ha ha. I've no idea how they do it on DIY SOS and all those kind of TV shows? Oh, I know, they have about 50 people helping them!

I've had a great weekend, with some of my best mates who I don't see very often, who came up to visit me in Wales. There was my Bolton lass George, me ol' farmer girl, Vicky from Newent and my Chinese brummy Shirley from Birmingham so I've had a full house all weekend and drank way too much last night. 

Here we all are on our night out last night, all looking slightly possessed in the eyes (you'll notice I am looking the most possessed, this is due to the camera stealing my soul haha!).

And on that note, I'll leave you with a funny link I found via, whilst recovering from my hangover today. It's called:

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