Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bathroom Decorating

I've been planning on sorting out our bathroom since we moved in a couple of years back, as it is pretty hideous!

The bathroom suite may not be to everyone's taste but I love it as it is your proper old school circa 1970's aqua green style with big chunky silver taps! 

The thing I don't like is how the landlord has put a dark green lino down on the floor, with half stripped walls that have been painted over in a mint green gloss paint, with a white wooden bath panel and a mint green ceiling. (Did someone sneeze in there or what? It's like one big bogie!)

Anyway, my plan is to finish the half hearted job of stripping the walls and getting it sorted to my taste once and for all! James and I have already hit the DIY shops earlier on today and bought some Bluebell gloss paint for the wooden bath panel and skirting boards and a shade of warm terracotta for the walls. It's probably going to be the ultimate colour clash with the 1970's aqua green bath suite but I reckon it will work! (I will admit I do have weird taste though haha).

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