Friday, 23 March 2012

Content Writing

I was trying to think of what to write for today's Blog post and decided that after posting last weeks Blog on email marketing with Dotmailer, it might be worth posting one today about content writing for product pages. 

The internet is all about content and when writing for a website, you really have to take into consideration quite a few things. 

Before writing content for the product pages it’s important the copy is going to help the page rank well within Google. It's all about writing text that will work for the human and for the search engine spiders that crawl through your website pages to identify relevant keywords for your search terms.

Keyword Research

Before you start writing make sure you have selected the correct keywords relevant to the content. To do this you can use the Google Keyword Tool

For example, I'm putting a new product page on for someone who sells Helicopter Experiences. I visit the Google Keyword Tool and type every possible phrase that I can think of that a person looking for helicopter lessons would search. I tick the 'exact match' box under Match Types and pay attention to the 'local monthly searches'. Here's an example of results I may find:

  • helicopter flying experience = 28
  • helicopter flying lessons = 1600
  • helicopter lessons = 590
  • helicopter flying = 110

From the results of this, I would decide to name the product page based on the most searched phrase, in this case 'helicopter lessons'. In regards to writing the product description, the three most searched and relevant target key phrases would be central to my way of thinking when content writing.

Writing Content

When writing website content, your main focus should always be on the needs of the reader and not the search engines. You should never need to do anything which is detrimental to the reader for the benefit of the search engines, such as 'keyword stuffing'. All written content should be unique and say directly what it is about because clever and cryptic writing just doesn't work online. Another thing to bear in mind is that people tend to scan a website rather than read them, so it is always good to write in a manner that is scanable.

Scanable Content

Basically, writing scanable content is done by:

  • Writing short paragraphs of one or two sentences
  • Highlighting key phrases in bold
  • Using indentations, quote marks and italics for quotes and examples
  • Keeping sentences short and to the point
  • Good use of subtitles
  • Good use of bullet points

The best copy isn't just well written but it compels the customer to take action. So overall, if you produce unique and well written copy that will stand the test of time and works both for the human and the search engine spiders it can only result in a raised online profile.

I'll leave this post now with some links to a few interesting Blogs I found that are heavily focused on SEO:


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