Friday, 13 July 2012

Email Marketing: Subject Lines

Over the past week, I have been doing a bit of research into Email Subject Lines in email marketing. The question that hangs on everyone's lips is "How should I write my subject lines so that more recipients will open my emails?"

I found this really interesting report over at MailChimp, an email marketing service that provides users with an easy way to send out email newsletters. In their report they have analysed over 40 million emails sent from their customers through MailChimp to find out the best and worst open rates. Here are their results below:-

The best 'click to open rates' are not as "salesy" or "pushy", however the worst side has subject lines that read like newspaper headlines as if to grab the readers attention. Unfortunately, lots of people get so much junk mail that anything that hints of spam will be thrown away immediately.

What advice is there for email subject lines?
  • Describe the subject of your email in the subject line and nothing else
  • Always set your subscribers' expectations during the opt-in process about what kinds of emails they will be receiving
  • Don't confuse newsletters with promotions
  • If the email is a newsletter, put it in the subject line
  • If the email is a special promotion, tell them what is inside
  • Don't write your subject lines like advertisements

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