Sunday, 7 October 2012

30th Birthday: Mad Hatters Piss Up In A Brewery

I had a great time last night with good friends to celebrate my 30th. I decided I would like to do something a bit different with it being a milestone birthday so it all started with an idea of a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' in the back garden.

Obviously with it being October, the weather was a bit crap so my other half suggested we have it in the brewery... And so the idea was born. A Mad Hatters piss up in a brewery!

As stressful as it was to organise, I did have fun coming up with ideas for the decorations and all was done for a fair price. I got an old colourful duvet cover and made bunting by simply cutting triangles out and then safety pinning them to some thick rope. (I'm not much of a sewer!)

I got a nice cheap cardboard cake tier stand and managed to pick up a box full of cups and saucers for only 20p each from a random yard sale while out and about in Llangollen and I picked up various other bits and bobs from the pound shops and Ebay. Finally and most importantly we had a keg of Opal Beer by Sandstone Brewery on tap. Which shock horror, all got drank in 3 hours! Here's just a few pics from the night:

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