Thursday, 17 July 2014

Waterfall Holistic Therapies Re-brand

I've been working on a little design project over the past week. After all, it has been a while and it's about time I start setting some time aside to let my creative juices flow. 

A couple of years back, I designed a logo for my friend who is a mobile practitioner but looking back on the design I thought it looked a bit crap.

Due to my friend wanting to re-brand from the name Waterfall Therapies to Waterfall Holistic Therapies, I decided to tweek the logo design, sticking with the original style of logo (as she was keen to keep the waterfall graphic) but making the text clearer to read. 

Along with a re-design of the logo, I've come up with a set style of branding for her business including business cards and a price menu.

More marketing material to come...


A monthly special offer graphic that can have the text and image tweeked each month.

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