Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How Advertisement Has Changed - A Ranty Pants Post!

Random ranty pants post! I find TV advertisement of today very very irritating. 

There was a point in my life where I loved TV ad's, I'd read books, buy DVD's of Ad directors... But nowadays... Well... What a load of shit!

The past couple of years seems to have seen this shift in TV ad's working the whole 'playing on happy family emotions' element which I find bloody boring, cringeworthy and irritating. Mostly annoying by the softly whispy-waspy voice of some female singer covering what was once (in my opinion) a good song, usually overlaid by some happy smiley people acting out some standard cliche'd bullshit routine.

Whatever happened to adverts being fun, creative minded and musically pleasing? 

Call me weird, but for me there aren't really any ad's that creatively please me anymore, I like the surreal, the thoughtful and the wonderful but TV adverts at the moment lack all those elements big time! 

Anyway, I just felt like putting that rant out there and also to share some of what I consider beautiful and creative ad's of the past. None of this waspy voiced overlaid bullshit. Just pure surrealism!

Levi's Commercial - Spaceman 1995 - (Oh how I loved this song and the aliens!)

Audi RS4 - Spider TV Ad 2005 - (Surreal!)

Wotsits - Is That A Whoosh Or What? 1993 - (Catchy and fun!)

Guinness Surfer Ad With Horses - 1998 (Mesmerizing)

Smirnoff Through The Bottle Ad - 1995 (Trippy)

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