Monday, 13 July 2015

Crystal Cleansing

It's been ages since I last cleaned my crystals and to be honest something I've never really bothered to do, other than run them under the tap to wash the dust off, but after a bit of research I have decided to try and cleanse them regularly and properly.

I started off putting a few of my smaller crystals out a couple of days ago in the back garden, where we have had quite a bit of the rain for the last few days. When I bought them in earlier, they felt energized and had a nice clean sparkle to them. So I've decided to gather all the rest of the crystals from the house and place them outside into the rain for a clean.

From what I have read in my research, it is good to cleanse crystals to help get them back to their original, sparkly vibration level to where they can do their best work on helping you. 

Crystal Guidance states:
"Simply put, absolutely everything has a vibration, which even includes emotions and physical objects. Negative energy, including negative emotions and physical pain, have low vibrations. Crystals, when they are at their optimal vibrational state, resonate at a high vibration. Low and high vibrations cannot exist together, so the crystals will help to raise the low energies to high ones. That high vibrational energy means your health and over all well-being is increased". 

The full moon is meant to be a great time to cleanse your crystals but there are also lots of other ways too. I have listed them below:

Earth Cleansing ~ If you're lucky enough to have a yard or a bit of earth that won't be disturbed dig a whole and bury your crystals. Once buried, visualize the old, stale, negative energy being drawn out and away from your crystals. Then visualize them being filled with new, positive energies. Leave them in the ground for at least 24 hours, allowing Mother Earth to cleanse and restore your crystals. This method is especially good for geodes. Just make sure you remember where you buried them!

Rain Water ~ Leaving crystals outside in the rain is a great way to cleanse them. Put them in a secure spot or in a bowl and just let them hang out in the rain.  Spend some time visualizing the old energies dripping away from them. Don't be afraid to put them outside in a storm. Storm energy is a great cleanser but will also give crystals a powerful charge. Just make sure, if the storm is accompanied by strong winds, the crystals are secure and won't get blown over. 

Running Water ~ Holding your crystals under lukewarm, running water is a quick way to cleanse them.  If you have access to a body of water like a stream or lake, you can hold your crystals in the water (hold on tight!). Visualize the stagnate, old and negative energies flowing down the drain or down stream.

Smoke ~ Cleansing with smoke, or smudging, is another easy way to cleanse crystals. There are a variety of cleansing herbs and incenses that can be used but I stick with sage. Hold the crystal in the smoke and visualize the old energies being carried away in the smoke. If possible, have a window open so the smoke can travel out and away.  

Full Moon & Sunlight ~  Great for when cleansing a lot of crystals. Place your crystals on a windowsill or outside. Make sure they are in a spot where they will get full moonlight and sunlight. The full moon light will cleanse the crystals and the sunlight will recharge them. Allowing crystals to spend some time in sunlight is especially beneficial for clear quartz but can cause crystals, such as rose quartz, to fade over time. 

There's a great tutorial I can recommend over at this blog here.

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